Community Plugins

Extend OpenVBX with Advanced Functionality

Use plugins to add new functionality and customize OpenVBX to fit your needs. Make your own, or use plugins the community has created.

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    Prior to downloading any third party plug-in or other software, please review Twilio’s terms and policies regarding Third Party Material

    • Where do I submit my plugin, so it’s on

      Tell us, and we’ll post it here. Check out our guidelines for building a successful plugin.

    • Who can make plugins?

      You can! Are you looking for a custom plugin, integration, or functionality that hasn’t been built yet? Be the first!

    • How do I make a plugin?

      Building a basic plugin only takes a few minutes. Check out our Plugin API docs for details on how to get started.

    • OpenVBX Plugin Installation Guide

      1. Download the plugin to /plugins and unzip
      2. Launch your OpenVBX installation
      3. Navigate to Settings in the Admin section
      4. Select the Plugins tab
      5. Select the “Configure” link next to your plugin to ensure installation was successful, and configure any settings