Making A Page

Getting Started


In this quickstart we’re going to go over the basics of setting up a page. Pages in OpenVBX can be built like normal PHP scripts but they have access to other elements like information stored by the plugins. You can find out more about this by checking out the PluginData.

Getting Started

The first step in building your page is to create a new folder in your plugins directory. You can reuse the directories that you make by adding other files to it.

mkdir OpenVBX/plugins/call-log

Now lets make the actual page file.

touch call_log.php

We also need to define a plugin.json file. This defines the page’s name, who made it and has a brief description about the page. The links element defines the navigation for your page, this navigation will appear on the side of most elements.

	"name": "Scheduling",
	"author": "Xerxes the Monkey <>",
	"description": "Display a list of all calls and messages.",
	"url": "",
	"links": [{
		"menu": "Call Log",
		"url": "call_log",
		"script": "call_log.php",
		"label": "Call Log"

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