Plugin API

Write your own plugins and extend OpenVBX

Integrate with OpenVBX users, groups, messages, applets, and store your own data.


Plugin Data

A simple set of methods to store and query for data within your own Plugin. Use the key/value store or write your own SQL queries.

Users and Groups

Useful set of methods to get Users and Groups from your OpenVBX installation


Integrate other messaging systems into OpenVBX with this set of methods for Adding Messages.


Use the flow search to find and modify existing Flows


Applet UI

Control the UI of your applet, including the drop zone, audio speech picker, and user group picker.

Applet Instance

Use these methods to access the information stored by the flow editor in your applet's user interface.



Keep track of what version of OpenVBX your plugin is running on with these methods.


Add JS files, get the current user, and other helpful methods for building pages in OpenVBX.