Companies and collaboration

Give every user their own phone number, web phone, personal conference line, and voicemail (with transcription). Dial whole departments, and share voicemail messages with the team.

Phone tree designer

Build better customer experiences with advanced menus, text-to-speech, call recording and more, using a dead-simple, drag ’n drop call flow designer.

Open and extensible

Install third party plugins to add functionality or integrate with other business apps and systems. And because OpenVBX is open source, you have the freedom to make it your own.

There’s a lot you can do, so get downloading.

OpenVBX - Inbox OpenVBX - Users and Groups OpenVBX - Devices OpenVBX - Call Flows OpenVBX - Twilio Numbers

Latest Release

Current Version: OpenVBX

Follow this five step installation guide to get up and running in no time. We’ve also got an upgrade guide to help you out.

Or grab the source code.



  • Quickstart Guides

    Fast guides to get started extending and customizing your OpenVBX installation.

  • Plugin API

    Function reference for the OpenVBX internal APIs. Use these APIs to build plugins or extend OpenVBX without touching core code.

  • Themes

    CSS reference to customize OpenVBX, or build your own theme from scratch.

Installations Made Easy

These companies can help you get started with OpenVBX in minutes: